• Art Project Gallery

    Believe it or not, many people still mix up these two terms. However, they are very far from each other. Anete explains it well: put simply, porn is something that satisfies a physical need, while erotica is more mentally stimulating and visually pleasing. Similarly, nude modeling is not the same as porn. So, in case you pose for erotic…

  • photo shoot Erotica

    Conducting a photoshoot can often feel daunting for photographers. There are endless decisions to make, from picking a concept, to choosing the best location and equipment. Breaking these decisions down to a series of simple steps can help provide order and clarity to your decision-making process. Whether you’re an amateur conducting your first photoshoot or…

  • Dance school ACRA

    Get your entire class to start freestyle dancing to a song of your choice. When you pause the music, everyone must try to freeze in their current position. Pause the music at key times for hilarity and giggles!

  • Dancing Classes

    Like musical statues, but participants in the game must dance around the poles (not on them) and when the music stops, they must find the nearest pole and perform a Pole seat. More than one person is allowed per pole. For best results, have more people than there are poles!

available for private dance