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Music For Creativity

If you’ve suspected that music and creativity are tied – you’re right. Tuning in, especially to certain types of music, can affect your brain in a way that helps to boost your creativity and make you more productive.

What impact does listening to music have on your brain?

Certain brain cells and chemicals are stimulated during listening to music, in particular, Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is affectionately referred to as the brain’s “motivation molecule” and is involved in sending reward signals to our brains. In essence, listening to music increases the brain’s level of dopamine and dopamine makes us feel happier and instill a “go-getter” attitude within us.

Listening to music with or without words can be just what a tired creative needs to get back on their A-game. On this front, instrumental music strikes a chord. It opens up new worlds, languages, tugs at emotion, sets the mood and acts as a powerful catalyst for releasing creativity.

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